a couple few thangs…

1. A thought I was having about myself that I think might clear up some shit for some people: I have this feeling like people think that because I am into a sorta diverse range ov musical styles/genres that I am actually open-minded about music. I really don’t think I am. I only like a certain sect ov certain kinds ov music, and everything else can fuck off because it’s obviously inferior (or worse… MEDIOCRE!), etc. I’ll judge an album by it’s cover. I’ll never listen to a band because I do not like their name. Stuff like that.

So, in short, I am sorry if I ever confused anyone who thought I was open-minded about music. I do enjoy talking about all sorts ov music, especially if you really know a lot about it, i’ll listen to you forever and learn everything I can that you say. But that doesn’t mean I am actually going to listen to this amazing bluegrass artist you tell me about or whatever. I also have a habit ov stating my over-opinionated, totally-biased and closed-minded views on things as if they were LAW, and I hope everyone realizes that I’m just having some fun listening to myself be a fucking blabbermouth, and I don’t really believe everything I say like that.

2. I have made a bunch ov my remixes/mashups available for FREE download over there yonder at my Bandcamp page. Many things that were only previously available on vinyl on the Get Your Hand Outta My Pocket series and some brand-new-ish joints for you to love up. Especially look out for the mashup ov Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and Hitman Sammy Sam’s “Stepdaddy”, along with my remix ov Toto’s “Hold The Line” into a banger beat for Major Lazer’s “Hold The Line” feat. Mr. Lexx and Santogold acapella to ride over, with dub stylings to boot added by YR BOY. you can find that below:

also, I made my Complete Contemplation full length available for free download. I figured, why not? Everyone should have it by now. Enjoy.

3. New technology: I gots some. And I am mastering it up with the quickness and will be putting it on you NEW LZRKMMNDR Style quite quite soon.



I’ll be using this to control Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live, etc. I’m just gonna wang so hard you won’t even believe it. That is all. Thank you.



3 thoughts on “a couple few thangs…

  1. I like to state my dumb opinions like they’re the GOSPEL after adding a load of hyperbole and backing them up with a dickly attitude.

    “Fuck horses. Can’t trust ’em. You never know what they’re gonna do and any one of them could KILL YOUR ASS ANYTIME IT WANTS. You gonna hang out with an asshole like that? Yeah, fuck horses and fuck people who claim to ‘love’ horses. And fuck you, and the horse you rode in on, too.”

  2. bbaphomet says:

    that’s how you know that you’re RIGHT.

  3. Pat Pagano says:

    glad we’s could point you in the rights directions.
    I owns the interwebs’s

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