SUBP YAO & DEAD FE†US – A Tale Ov 2 Remixes

SOOOOOOOOOOO recently I was asked to contribute remixes to releases for both my good bredren SUBP YAO, and my STYLSS Records homie DEAD FE†US. I am honored to be a part ov these projects, and super stoked to share this with you here now.

up first.. my MAN. SUBP YAO, holding it down in Herleen with an impeccably original style. He was kind enough to do a remix for my JUKEWORX 2.0 release, so here we are with a favor returned for his track “O.G.” from his 1000 LP on SATURATE! Records, which I have played plenty on the Bigga Mixx Show on … and then I did this remix….

you can download the whole thing, with more AWESOME remixes from homies like LUISTERWAAR, DJ POUND, MUNIS, oneone, JONEY, etc.. right here:


YOU SHOULD ALSO check out my man’s new LP on SATURATE! as well.. it’s called “SMOKE UP, DRINK UP” and it’s a combo slab ov blissed-up lushness and derped-out trap fever unlike any other. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Listen / Access below… PAY WHAT YOU WANT DOWNLOAD. don’t sleep.


NEXT UP, I was invited by STYLSS records pimp-daddy QUARRY to remix a track for the new EP, and I was only too happy to choose the title track and run with it. Dead Fe†us crosses lines as well, but his musical demeanor is more suited to EXXXTRA dim dancefloors, with witchy elements abounding, and a dark sensibility prevailing. I personally LOVE it. My take on his track goes as follows….

BOO YAH. and check out the rest ov the album below, PAY WHAT YOU WANT DOWNLOAD STYLEEEEE.

I’m proud to be asked to do these things, and I suggest you all take a little time to listen to these disparate flavors ov awesome electronic music made by myself and like-minded individuals. SHOUT OUT SUBP YAO, CORY HAYNES, DETH RAY FETUS, TOMPPU, SATURATE!, STYLSS, and all who listen up at our movement.



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