IN CASE you haven’t been hipped to the hippest hip shit going right now, The BIGGA MIXX Show is now BACK on the internet air, after a short, unplanned hiatus. That’s right folks, TUESDAY NIGHT is BIGGA MIXX NIGHT now, and forever… But no, we are not back on the station that used to host our broadcast, and neither are we holed up in that tiny utility closet that was transformed into a tinier radio station studio. We broadcast from the comfort ov the Thug Mansion, the Ninebar Ranchin’, out in the swamps ov beautiful Alachua, FL, all while smoking / drankin’ good, and eating good too ( tuesday just happens to be $2 Sammich day at David’s Real Pit BBQ here in G-Ville, so now we consider them an official sponsor, because there’s no BMS without BBQ ). And we can have as many friends as we want, shoot guns out the back, look at the moon with a telescope in the field, build a fire, and generally just cut loose whichever way we feel, which, as you may or may not know, was an impossibility before.

HOW HAVE WE ACHIEVED ALL THIS AWESOME AMERICAN FREEDOM, YOU ASK? Funny you should ask that, I was gonna tell you anyways. There’s an awesome internet radio broadcasting / listening service called MIXLR ( easily found at ), and I have a channel set up there where we broadcast EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT at 7PM Eastern Standard Timezone ( and occasionally other times with fun other stuff ). here is the link for our channel:

You can go to their site and listen directly from that link, OR if you have an iOS device and would prefer to listen on that, you can download their FREE app, which is really awesome, and much more fun than Pandora or whatever Spotify thing. Plus, it’s interactive: there’s a chatroom, which is always fun / hilarious with our group.

All in all, we view this as the best thing to ever happen to us. It gave us our Tuesday nights back, it gave us our radio show back. I’m still playing the newest / freshest / coolest / weirdest music I can find, we’re still bagging on Barry whenever we can, we still make dumb jokes and sing songs and generally buffoon about in a pleasant way. Same old BIGGA MIXX, brand new channel. Hell, we even got ST. IDES Malt Liquor back on as a sponsor. BIG TINGS.

here’s a link to a podcast ov our Relaunch Party Show.. to give you an idea ov how it goes these days…

ALSO, if you’re on facebook, go throw a “LIKE” over at the BIGGA MIXX show page!

THANKS GUYS!! Hope you join us TONIGHT and every Tuesday night!!!



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