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I’ve probably said the word “Trippy” 1,000 times since the new year chimed in. Thanks, Juicy J.

In other news, I just remembered this part ov this song by Kool Keith called “Clifton”, in which Motion Man (the rapper guesting on the track) asserts something I just love…

“My occupation: Downfall, and bringin’ niggaz bad luck.”

Trippy. FWM.


A TALE OV TWO REMIXES part deux (and more!)

Hey there! So I recently completed two remixes for interesting folks that I think you should be aware ov. The first one is for a remix competition sponsored by the awesome Error Broadcast record label ( ), and it’s for their artist 96wrld and his song “Private Language” which features otherworldly vocals from Markas Palubenka. The remix contest rules stipulate that the vocal stems must be used, and I was quite happy to oblige this. I turned it into a mildly-trappy, slightly dubby vibefest, and here it is for your listening pleasure:

If you like it, by all means, please tweet it or facebook it out there with the hashtag #PVTRMX to get it some more notice and improve my chances ov getting the attention I will need to be a victorious remixer. 🙂


Next up, a remix I did for my good buddy, Big J The Frothy Main (aka Frothy Fingerz). He’s an amazing producer, songwriter, singer, rapper, musician that you should pay attention to. He’s also my sideman when I do Mac Churlish shows, singing harmonies with me and doing a fine job with ad-libs and crowd hype, so you KNOW I would do anything for him. In this case, that includes taking his ultra-feel-good party jam “#CloudCity” (which I will include after my remix), and jacking it up into Club / House / EDM / Trap territories for the party people ov the world. We should be negotiating a free download ov this when we hit 100 plays, so by all means, share the good vibes and party love music with your friends!

OG version:


ALSO!!! In TwerkOut Records news, we have just officially dropped the FREE DOWNLOAD teaser EP for our homie GYPSYMAMBA ( / ) that you can cop for free RIGHT NOW!~!! My man brings the heaviness and vibe like no other, and he’s recently been spotted str8 KILLING it at Low End Theory, so you KNOW you gotta get on this vibe BEFORE we drop his amazing “Return Of The Gypspy” 12″ on lovely gooey green vinyl at the jump ov 2014!!! CHECK IT OUT // DOWNLOAD IT FREE !!!

I love y’all. Thanks for ridin’ with me. Enjoy the sounds!!! ❤

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here it is. the video for “Changes (I’ve Been Jukin’ Thru)” from my JUKEWORX EP. It features footage compiled from the last year or so, and features the changes i’ve been going thru, production and life-wise: footage from working on tracks in the tour van on the road with my band HOT GRAVES, soundchecking for DJ performances, hanging with BEEZ, meeting YELAWOLF, partying in Miami with my SHROUD EATER folks, my son DUNE getting down on some midi production, hotel poolside tomfoolerly with Whitey, Portland OR, general swag and peacockin’, producing beats with the MASCHINE, smashing TV’s, etc.

just a rare peek into my life.

if you like that, go download it for FREE from my bandcamp page..

thanks for watching/listening, and i hope you enjoy.

yr boy.


You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

Here’s me doing a rhyming words song that you might find entertaining. If at any point during this video do you find yourself doubting its seriousness, i would beg you to rest assured that I am seriously serious.

Thank you,

yr boy m.a.c.



Well now, here’s an idea. I’ll just make a lil’ video mixtape for you guys, so you can not only hear some neato funky music, but see exactly how i put my wang down on it. I am in Portland, OR, just performed at a Future Beats showcase night at The Goodfoot Lounge with the awesome Graintable (excellent live electronic performer in the glitchy dub realm, quite tight!) and my man Brazil (Organik Recordings keeper o’ the flame), and it was a blast. I brought the iPad mixing techniques to the people, live and literally in their faces: I was walking around the club whilst DJing, showing people the iPad and what was going on with it, dancing with ladies, etc. Too much fun….

BUT, lest ye think that I have completely abandoned my roots as a turntablist-style DJ (or even worse, if in fact you may doubt that I still possess the talent to do so), I decided to have a little fun and record this video ov myself flipping double copies ov a Ultimate Breaks & Beats record that I picked up at the easily-recommendable 360 VINYL in Portland (what’s up Kez?). I include plenty flip ups and chops, slapping doubles in my particular manner which I have developed over the years, and also included is a tracklisting as the songs go by.

All in good fun. Watch, Listen, Enjoy. THANKS!!!



hello folks. this time around, i have for you something quite special which i have worked a good bit on. it’s my new LZRKMMNDR mixx, and i am quite pleased with it. this is what i consider to be a near-perfect crystallization ov the style LZRKMMNDR operates in: Glitchy and Hyphy at the same time, with plenty ov BASS acrobatics and remix action to keep things poppin’ fresh. and, AS IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH, i add sound effects/lazer funk/sweet solo action with my trusty MOOG Rogue synthesizer (and Echo Park pedal) live into the mixx. SWEET!!!

this was all recorded one take, live in my living room, loud as fuck, late at night (after i finished, i walked out ov my front door to find my next-door neighbor Chip smokin’ one in his front yard, saying “soundin’ pretty damn gooooood over there, Myk!”). the only thing i did post-recording was master the file for optimum audio bang. this was the rehearsal recording i did for the LAZERBASH party i performed at with AFROMONK last friday (as seen below).

here’s the Soundcloud version… you can listen right from this player:


and here’s a link where you can download the mp3:

and here’s the tracklisting:

Eprom – Bubble
Lazer Sword – Jet Black
Lando Kal – Exotic Jesus
Shlohmo – My Neck, My Back (Khia RMX)
Splatinum – Vadonna’s Magina
Big Boi – Shutterbug
Kraddy – Android Porn
Lorn – Greatest Silence
Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron C64 SID
Redinho – LIghtning Strikes
Mochipet – Alien Crunk Dub (Audiovoid RMX)
50 Cent – I Get Money (Lazer Sword RMX)
Hovatron – Gas Brake Dippin’ RMX
Lunice – One of Me
Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Auge – Tricycle Express
edIT – Pound 4 Pound
Samples – Boom!
LZRKMMNDR – Check It Kommander
Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish
Siriusmo – High Together

thanks for checking this out!! comments and things are always welcome.

in other news, the night before the LAZERBASH, there was the A/V Club jammy where i performed my own tunes with Moog accompaniment, with a crazy digital visual show being projected behind me. it was really, really awesome, i got to perform with some very special friends that night, and see some things i’d never witnessed before, total immersion style. here’s some pics from the show:


thanks for checkin’ stuff out, and enjoy the mixx!!!

yr boy



just a typical sunday afternoon for my son Dune and myself… setting up the party lights, picking the appropriate tunes (he would actually tell me which songs to turn off, and begin dancing around again when the bass hit to his satisfaction), goading me to set up my (newly-retrieved) Moog Rogue and a microphone. the only difference is that i decided to document and share it this time. favorite bits: his mischievous jamming-up ov the volume knob, and the impish smile thereafter… and also the holding-the-robot-while-saying-“robot”-in-a-robot-voice part. that’s my kinda humor.

yr boy


Set the wayback machine for early 1999…

That’s right.. 1999. The year Prince said we should party like. And we were fuckin’ partyin’. Here’s some proof: a 40-something minute mix ov Drum-N-Bass/Jungle/Ragga/Dancehall/Etc. done on two turntables in the first apartment i lived in when i moved to Gainesville.. M-16. True heads will know. Anyways, this was a random party night when we decided to set up and rock out, and we had some weed brownies, and we had a few 12 packs ov Lowenbraü, and we had a blast. We also recorded the entire thing on cassette, which i later found and recorded onto my hard drive. This mix features YR BOY BAMBÜ on the decks mixing cutting edge (at the time, and, hell, let’s face it.. even kinda now) D&B with older Ragga Jungle records (“Everyman” seen!!), and also with straight up Jamaican Dancehall 45’s and the dub versions, with cutting and scratching live in the mix.

This features also some vocal interjections, most notably by my main damie Josh Jenkins aka Mt. Sinai who came thru my house with a host ov guests to liven up the party, who all goaded him into getting on the microphone (which i am certain didn’t take much, whether i remember the night or not). What came out was an epic freestyle which incorporated not only the names ov many ov the guests present at the time (and some sensitive secrets about them), but the mention ov a pizza delivery man who arrived while we were partying/taping (“Yo 5 Star lickin’ off shots and all / tip this mothafucka a dollar and start to ball.”) and every venue we were performing at during that time. Other great quotes:

“Never really got his fuck on, because he’s impotent / I like to hear myself flow, because i’m important”

“If you got a lil’ bit ah’ kryp, smokin’ it up / Everybody with an engine, start chokin’ it up.”

“Eat a brownie if you wanna, drink a Lowenbraü / A lot ov brothers need to shave, they got one eyebrow.”

“I told Joe Pohl early on, he be educated / said he read a deep book ev’ry time he masturbated.”

anyways… here’s the link for the mix..

i hope you enjoy either the nostalgia, or the deadly ragga bass vibes. SEEN?!?!?!??

yr boy

p.s. here’s Josh and I about a year ago doing our thing at a wedding….

steal they nightclothes



BIGGA MIXX – Now with 100% more AIR HORN and LAZER GUN!!!

here’s the show from last night, May 12, 2010. lots ov good tunes going on, and VERY MUCH AIR HORN and LAZER SOUNDS for all you fanatics out there. some stuff from the new Flying Lotus, and the new Sleigh Bells, and the new Gonjasufi, and some gangsta-ass rap shit that you should already know and love. and some AIR HORN.





enjoy the tunes!

yr boy


What will I be doing this weekend?

Well, dear reader, i am glad (that i presumed) that you asked.

I have a couple DJ gigs lined up, and they’re sure to be splacktackular occasions ov awesomeness.

FIRST UP: Friday Dec. 5, i will be playing good time jams at The PEGASUS GALLERY / TATTOO Studio where my good friends T-DUB, Kimmy, and Stevie & Rob Dark Castle will be holding it down, exhibiting their work, and holding down a proper lil’ shindig for the monthly St. Augustine ARTWALK. It was really neato last time, and this time should be no different, truly.
NEXT: Saturday Dec. 6, i will be in scenic Winter Haven, FL at the infamous Jessie’s Bar for a rub-a-dub-inna-de-pub type extravaganza with Mojo Heritage from the acclaimed reggae sensation Morgan Heritage performing his awesome whatever, after/as i set the vibes a nice nice chalice wise. If you live ANYwhere in Polk County, you pretty much don’t have an excuse to miss this jam here.

Hey! Flyers!

if you, or anyone you know, is around these locales this weekend, make it a point to make yourself seen by me, YR BOY BAMBU. hell, i might even have somethin’ to smoke with ya.

maybe. 🙂

yr boy

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