I went into a phone booth, spun around, came out as MAC CHURLISH, went to see my man BEEZ, then we made a song about some ov our favorite thangs: fine cheeses, and even finer wines. then we went to our favorite wine and cheese consumption venue (Wine & Cheese Gallery in Gainesville, FL) to film our video whilst consuming expensive champagne and interesting cheeses (goat milk gouda?? it was amazing) with our partner Barrington Rossi. it was a Baller-Ass Monday™ if there ever was one, and I’m glad it was documented in such fine style.

directed by me, shout out to WAC and Viv Rohan for the hospitality, and if you like this, share it with your friends via your favorite social networking systems. thank you.

(Vimeo version will look better…)

BEEZ & MAC CHURLISH – Wine & Cheese Ballin’ Feat. Barrington Rossi from Mykel Colby on Vimeo.

yr boy



here it is. the video for “Changes (I’ve Been Jukin’ Thru)” from my JUKEWORX EP. It features footage compiled from the last year or so, and features the changes i’ve been going thru, production and life-wise: footage from working on tracks in the tour van on the road with my band HOT GRAVES, soundchecking for DJ performances, hanging with BEEZ, meeting YELAWOLF, partying in Miami with my SHROUD EATER folks, my son DUNE getting down on some midi production, hotel poolside tomfoolerly with Whitey, Portland OR, general swag and peacockin’, producing beats with the MASCHINE, smashing TV’s, etc.

just a rare peek into my life.

if you like that, go download it for FREE from my bandcamp page..

thanks for watching/listening, and i hope you enjoy.

yr boy.


new LZRKMMNDR freebie tracks….

I just had a track come out on a compilation from URBAN WAVES, which has an awesome tumblr for all things beat-related, and I am honored and pleased to be involved with this project. Check ’em out daily at like I do to keep abreast ov BEATS. You can read about the compilation there, and you can download it absolutely FREE from this link.. .. My track is entitled “QUARKBLAP” and it was created specifically for this comp, after the initial track I submitted was found to be in soundcloud circulation already. I am super pleased with the outcome, and the compilation is quite solid, top to bottom. Check it out!!

also, earlier this year, a FREE compilation came out on DUBPORN Records, and my track “Coinpurse Boogie” is on there for free download. It’s one ov my favorite glitch type tracks from the past year, and you should make it part ov your arsenal… check out Dubporn here… and the go download the FREE COMP here…

ENJOY!!!! and get ready for the new year. I got PLENTY surprises.

yr boy



Yr boy done did it. Not only did I do a couple remixes from my favorite Henry Mancini Xmas album, but I incorporated those remixes into a Xmas DJ mixx for everyone in the world to enjoy. This was mixed on an iPad using Traktor and the best ghetto xmas music you could perchance to listen to, and I do fancy tricky mixx stuff, and I do a live chop-up ov “Xmas In Hollis” that makes me laugh. From Old School Rap, Remixes, Straight up Dance Music, Clark Grizwold, Headnodder Hip Hop vibes, Crunk Xmas, and Beyond. I hope you enjoy this and have a good holiday, get to hang with your family, etc.





Run DMC – Xmas In Hollis
Ying Yang Twins – Deck Da Club
Scoopy – A Scoopy Rap
Jon Kennedy – Yule Swing
Busy Boys – Funky Fresh Xmas
New Kids On The Block – Funky, Funky Xmas
Super Jay – Santa’s Rap Party
Quad City DJs / 69 Boyz / K-Knock – What You Want For Xmas
Nathan Fake – Xmas Rush (Dub)
Low Limit / DJ Assault – Ass N Titties Nutcracker
Vince Guaraldi – Skating
Johnny Ripper – Xmas Time Is Here
LZRKMMNDR – Deck Ye Harking Heralds
Ying Yang Twins – Carol Ov Da Bells
Glass Popcorn – Popcornxmas
LZRKMMNDR – Xxmassong




yr boy


You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

Here’s me doing a rhyming words song that you might find entertaining. If at any point during this video do you find yourself doubting its seriousness, i would beg you to rest assured that I am seriously serious.

Thank you,

yr boy m.a.c.



YUP. i started a Mixcloud account. so there’s a couple there which you can find also on here, and i’ll be putting my next floor-shaking, bowel-loosening, feet-scrambling, wonk-wobbling, booyah-tribe-summoning mixx project on there like, y’know, whenever I get around to recording it.

in the meantime, here’s the LINK!!!

ALSO. you probably haven’t listened to the BIGGA MIXX Show in awhile. I would strongly recommend this week’s installment, it’s a good time. here’s that LINK:




also, why not download the total JAM O’ THE SUMMER before the summer is completely over???

yr boy



Well now, here’s an idea. I’ll just make a lil’ video mixtape for you guys, so you can not only hear some neato funky music, but see exactly how i put my wang down on it. I am in Portland, OR, just performed at a Future Beats showcase night at The Goodfoot Lounge with the awesome Graintable (excellent live electronic performer in the glitchy dub realm, quite tight!) and my man Brazil (Organik Recordings keeper o’ the flame), and it was a blast. I brought the iPad mixing techniques to the people, live and literally in their faces: I was walking around the club whilst DJing, showing people the iPad and what was going on with it, dancing with ladies, etc. Too much fun….

BUT, lest ye think that I have completely abandoned my roots as a turntablist-style DJ (or even worse, if in fact you may doubt that I still possess the talent to do so), I decided to have a little fun and record this video ov myself flipping double copies ov a Ultimate Breaks & Beats record that I picked up at the easily-recommendable 360 VINYL in Portland (what’s up Kez?). I include plenty flip ups and chops, slapping doubles in my particular manner which I have developed over the years, and also included is a tracklisting as the songs go by.

All in good fun. Watch, Listen, Enjoy. THANKS!!!



Well, i guess it appears that Mr. Bambu isn’t entirely dead after all. Not all the way, anyhow. Because as ov today, August 8th 2011, the world has access to my latest batch ov tunes (and remixes), which is inspired by and in tribute to the man you see atop my header for this blog: James D-Train Williams. I’ve always said that D-Train is the Black Michael McDonald, and that’s no slight if you know me at all. So I culled samples from his classic song “Music” and made a bangeriffic track out ov it. Then, I sent the pieces to some producer friends o’ mine and beseeched them to do their worst to make my track look foolish in comparison. Then, I got all hyped up about that, put on my LZRSHADES, and whipped out a dubstep-a-riffic LZRKMMNDR remix. And then when I turned around again, RAD RICK and FLACO had both stepped up with 2 completely stylistically different remixes and I was like “FUCK YES, WE HAVE A RELEASE ON OUR HANDS FOLKS”.

So, along with my wonky wipeout “What Would You Do”, there’s the aforementioned dubby steppy version by LZRKMMNDR, the straight up floor-bouncing trance-inducer version by RAD RICK, and the full-on rollers DNB work-out by our man FLACO. RAD RICK’S remix draws you in repeatedly, and then SLAMS the beat back in your face, calling up a strange trance-like tribal aggression to keep you boogie-boppin’. FLACO’s remix brings everything I always LOVED about the whole Full Cycle / V Recordings / Roni Size camp, but with an updated view on things, still keeping effective simplicity at it’s core. In a world where More Distortion = Brutality / Heaviness, it’s good to see my man Flaco retaining power by keeping his productions classy. Drum-N-Bass lives on proper in this remix!!!

Rounding out the release even further is a wonderful track that features the rhyming-words-togehter-on-beat skills ov the one and only BEEZ, aka BEEZ GOTTI, aka BIG STACKS BROWNING. Not only one ov my favorite people, but one ov my favorite lyrical talents on the mic, my man BEEZY comes thru with a total ode to debauchery and having “the good time” on “It’s On Out Here”, and believe me, this is one ov my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part ov. Play this one at your nephew’s Bar-Mitzvah, the family Kwaanzaa celebration, your niece’s baptism, that Kindergarten graduation you planned on attending, or even your next conjugal visit at your local prison: This song is perfect for any situation, it’s like we’re the Black Eyed Peas or something (not really).

AND, as if that were not enough, there’s a “D-Train Bonus Beats” track where i take some D-Train scat and chop and make it bang boogie for ya real nice like.. and also a “Hidden” track, which is the “What Would You Do” track played in reverse… which, believe you me, is super awesome unto itself, otherwise I wouldn’t have included it. I have always said that this was the only song I have done that was so good you could listen to it backwards without diminishing the quality whatsoever, and I stand by that.

SO, now that i have tantalized you with it as such… here’s the links/info:


here’s the Hi-Rez cover art…

drawing by Hot Graves’ drummer MATT ROSARIO. looks like me, eh?

Well, there you have it. My new EP. it’s $5. You should feel awesome about buying it because every dollar you give me towards this buys me more free downloads to give away to people from my bandcamp site (which you should go to and pillage for music, there’s PLENTY free stuff to choose from). ENJOY, and ask yourself..

What would you do without music?

Where would you be without a song?



a couple few thangs…

1. A thought I was having about myself that I think might clear up some shit for some people: I have this feeling like people think that because I am into a sorta diverse range ov musical styles/genres that I am actually open-minded about music. I really don’t think I am. I only like a certain sect ov certain kinds ov music, and everything else can fuck off because it’s obviously inferior (or worse… MEDIOCRE!), etc. I’ll judge an album by it’s cover. I’ll never listen to a band because I do not like their name. Stuff like that.

So, in short, I am sorry if I ever confused anyone who thought I was open-minded about music. I do enjoy talking about all sorts ov music, especially if you really know a lot about it, i’ll listen to you forever and learn everything I can that you say. But that doesn’t mean I am actually going to listen to this amazing bluegrass artist you tell me about or whatever. I also have a habit ov stating my over-opinionated, totally-biased and closed-minded views on things as if they were LAW, and I hope everyone realizes that I’m just having some fun listening to myself be a fucking blabbermouth, and I don’t really believe everything I say like that.

2. I have made a bunch ov my remixes/mashups available for FREE download over there yonder at my Bandcamp page. Many things that were only previously available on vinyl on the Get Your Hand Outta My Pocket series and some brand-new-ish joints for you to love up. Especially look out for the mashup ov Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and Hitman Sammy Sam’s “Stepdaddy”, along with my remix ov Toto’s “Hold The Line” into a banger beat for Major Lazer’s “Hold The Line” feat. Mr. Lexx and Santogold acapella to ride over, with dub stylings to boot added by YR BOY. you can find that below:

also, I made my Complete Contemplation full length available for free download. I figured, why not? Everyone should have it by now. Enjoy.

3. New technology: I gots some. And I am mastering it up with the quickness and will be putting it on you NEW LZRKMMNDR Style quite quite soon.



I’ll be using this to control Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live, etc. I’m just gonna wang so hard you won’t even believe it. That is all. Thank you.



Lookin’ Back….

i performed as MAC CHURLISH the WHYTE NATE DOGG the other night. it went something like this….

yr boy