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Halloween Performance @ Action Research 31

here’s a little something i did Halloween Night before the By The Horns show at the Fest, at the Action Research Haunted House Halloween event.  the whole show had a haunted house you had to walk thru before you got to the actual performance area.  i managed to convince Sameer and Matt from BTH to help out on percussion to set the ritual vibe ov my “Sermon”, and Pat Pagano asked if i wanted him to do visuals behind me, which ov course i did.  and then i just did the damn thing, and it was documented.

all the clips from this night are fucking brilliant, especially No Limit Cycle, make sure you check them all out too!

Bigga Baphomet recorded performing at the Action Research 31 Halloween show and Haunted House, Friday, October 31, 2008, at George’s Meet and Produce, 433 South Main Street, Gainesville, Florida. Filmed by Christopher Miller.

flyer for the show.

thanks to hal, chris, and andrew and everyone for making these events special and awesome.

yr boy.

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