#REAL #TRAP #SHIFT Free Comp featuring YR BOY LZR

The awesome folks over at #REAL #TRAP #SHIFT ( http://vk.com/realtrapshift ) have put together a free mixtape/comp. ov unreleased tracks by a gang ov high-powered underground Club / Trap / Bass / Juke / Trill-ass producers and given it to the entire world for FREE!! If you are unfamiliar with their site, it combines many things I love: Beats, Bass, Babes, Boobs, Booties, Bangers, and all kinda other trippy shit that makes me smile. Even if I can’t understand Cyrillic languages, it’s an awesome site, and this compilation is just crazy. Check their brief snippet rundown ov the tracks, and then hit the “BUY” link to go to their mediafire page where you can download all 27 tracks for FREE!!

And you can check my track out directly from my Soundcloud page as well…

This track is a trapped-out, greasy funk, naughty-words edit ov the classic funky soul jam by Joyce Williams, “First Thing I Do In The Morning”, which is a rare funk masterpiece, and a song my old band (Kitchens ov Soul) used to cover to fine effect. I take my junkyard swipe at it, and the bass done got DROPPED, true believers. I hope you find it as jiggalating and humorous as I do. ❤


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