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What will I be doing this weekend?

Well, dear reader, i am glad (that i presumed) that you asked.

I have a couple DJ gigs lined up, and they’re sure to be splacktackular occasions ov awesomeness.

FIRST UP: Friday Dec. 5, i will be playing good time jams at The PEGASUS GALLERY / TATTOO Studio where my good friends T-DUB, Kimmy, and Stevie & Rob Dark Castle will be holding it down, exhibiting their work, and holding down a proper lil’ shindig for the monthly St. Augustine ARTWALK. It was really neato last time, and this time should be no different, truly.
NEXT: Saturday Dec. 6, i will be in scenic Winter Haven, FL at the infamous Jessie’s Bar for a rub-a-dub-inna-de-pub type extravaganza with Mojo Heritage from the acclaimed reggae sensation Morgan Heritage performing his awesome whatever, after/as i set the vibes a nice nice chalice wise. If you live ANYwhere in Polk County, you pretty much don’t have an excuse to miss this jam here.

Hey! Flyers!

if you, or anyone you know, is around these locales this weekend, make it a point to make yourself seen by me, YR BOY BAMBU. hell, i might even have somethin’ to smoke with ya.

maybe. 🙂

yr boy

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